Naturopathic Medicine Treatments We Offer

At Integrative Natural Medical Clinic, we are committed to fostering long-term wellness in patients of all ages, regardless of their health history or lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive blend of traditional, pharmacological, and natural holistic medicine protocols, and we specialize in the holistic treatment of a variety of conditions. As one of Pasadena’s and Los Angeles’ most innovative natural healthcare providers, we are proud to offer the following integrative treatments:

Leading the body to heal itself first, we utilize natural therapies whenever and however possible. Dr. Amaliya Santiago combines holistic medicine methodologies when it is in the best interest of the patient’s health, and our team will never compromise long-term wellness for a quick diagnosis or simple outcome. Your health is our priority, and we commit our every effort to ensure restorative healing. Find out more by scheduling your initial health assessment and consultation with INMC now.