Oxygen/Ozone Therapy

What Is Oxygen/Ozone Therapy?

During Oxygen (also known as ozone) therapy, practitioners administer ozone gas into your body, either directly to your skin, intravenously, or intramuscularly. The colorless gas is used to treat a variety of medical conditions and diseases. It works by stimulating the immune system and disrupting unhealthy processes in the body.

How Does Treatment Work?

Ozone Therapy can be used effectively as a sauna. The patient sits in a personal steam sauna. The sauna heats up to a comfortable temperature and then ozone gas is infused into the sauna. The heat serves to open up the circulation to the skin so that when the ozone gas is infused, it is absorbed by the skin into the general circulation. Ozone therapy in a sauna is a way to give a generalized ozone treatment, while at the same time, directly treating any disorders of the skin. Additionally, since the skin is a major organ of detoxification, ozone therapy is an excellent way to help detoxify the body. The ozone sauna is the most efficient way to detoxify the body of heavy metals. We often combine ozone sauna therapy with IV Chelation Therapy to optimize detoxification effects.

Oxygen/Ozone Therapy Is Often Used For

  • Heavy metal detoxification
  • Treating bacteria-related infections and viruses
  • Treating certain fungal infections
  • Treating breathing disorders
  • Reducing the risk of complications from diabetes
  • Stimulating the immune system

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