IV Therapy Treatments

Inundate your system with nutritive vitamins and minerals with cutting-edge IV therapy by Integrative Natural Medical Clinic. Engineered to quickly and effectively eradicate the symptoms of vitamin deficiencies and dehydration, our unique IV treatments infuse cells with the vital nutrients they need. As experts in IV therapy protocols, Dr. Amaliya Santiago and our team offer an extensive menu of customized solutions, all delivered in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Introducing nutrients directly into the bloodstream ensures the right dosage without the loss of efficacy that is often experienced with oral supplements. IV therapy has been proven safe for both men and women, and it boasts incredible results for those suffering from the after-effects of cancer treatments and radiation. Patients often report increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, less pain, and better digestion, as well as a host of other benefits.

IV Therapy Treatments We Offer

  • Myers’ cocktail or infusion
  • Antiviral IV
  • Rehydration IV
  • Hydrogen peroxide IV for infections
  • High-dose vitamin C infusion (HDIVC) for infections and cancer
  • Cancer support IV
  • Radiation recovery IV for cancer
  • Dichloroacetate (DCA) IV for cancer
  • Artesunate IV (until it becomes unavailable)
  • Alpha lipoic acid IV
  • Poly MVA IV
  • Chelation IV (Disodium EDTA)
  • Glutathione IV push
  • IV major autohemotherapy (MAH)
  • IV oxygen therapy
  • IV ozone therapy

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Working with you to provide the most appropriate and effective solution, your IV therapist will fully discuss your symptoms, needs, and goals before making any recommendations for IV therapy treatments. Find out if you’re a candidate for IV therapy and if it’s right for you by scheduling your initial consultation with our patient care team now. We look forward to hearing from you!