Benefits of Ozone

Ozone kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic agents.

High dose ozone therapy (HOT) leads to a complete and rapid release of almost all extracellular toxins via intestines, kidneys, and skin.

HOT is an oxidative therapy that induces the body’s cells to release antioxidant and detoxifying enzymes, including the most important enzyme, superoxide dismutase.

HOT improves mitochondrial function and increases the production of ATP by 100 – 500%. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate which is the molecule that gives us energy. This surge of energy production leads to increased performance and induces healing of damaged tissues. Another way to understand this, is when you take supplements and vitamins to increase your mitochondrial production, it improves by 15-20%, however, Ozone treatment improves it by 100-500%.

When mitochondria is damaged by illnesses and toxins, we age sooner and experience fatigue. This is why HOT therapy is so important, it has healing effects and slows the aging process. From this alone, we can say that mitochondrial function improvement is to be evaluated as the most important healing factor. The decline of ATP- production through mitochondrial aging leads to reduced performance. Decline in performance defines the aging process.

Another healing of HOT is the activation of body’s own stem cells. In the body, during the healing process, our sick organs and tissues send out peptide signals to undifferentiated stem cells for help. In response, the stem cells will mobilize to the site of damaged tissues and transform into the respective organ and tissue cells and start the repair process. To simplify, without the activation of stem cells, the body takes longer to heal, but with ozone, stem cells are stimulated and activated to speed up the healing process.

Slowing down of telomere shortening

HOT slows down telomere shortening which translates to slowing down aging process. If you start a treatment at age 50, it can lead to an extension 10 years of your life. For this reason, HOT is an anti-aging therapy.

Microbiome restoration

HOT kills pathogen intestinal bacteria rapidly leads to increase of healthy bacteria. HOT is a great therapy after antibiotic treatments to balance healthy bacteria in the gut. By breakdown of ozone into oxygen and allowing large amounts of oxygen to be available to intestinal bacteria, a healthy gut biome is activated and thrives.

Improvement and strengthening of the immune system

By increasing mitochondrial ATP production, massive activation of the body’s own stem cells and the rehabilitation of the whole intestinal bacteria leads to the strengthening of the immune system without having to take additional tablets. The tremendous improvement of the body´s own defense prevents the occurrence of illnesses and increases the effectiveness of drug therapies. Thus, a small dose of medication is enough to cure simple bacterial infections and to remedy septic processes. A strengthened immune system allows frequent chemotherapy treatment, prevents chemotherapy side-effects and improves the tumor cell killing effect of any chemotherapeutic agent.

HOT has a synergistic effect on the body’s healing system for almost all illnesses. With HOT, you can shorten hospital stays by accelerating the healing of wounds, infections and tumors much faster.

HOT should always be combined with elimination of heavy metals (Hyperthermia Ozone Sauna) and the administration of nutrients and supplements of specific illnesses as prescribed to be part of your personalized care. Heavy metals can greatly weaken the cellular activity and block the effects of HOT, therefore,

Hyperthermia Ozone Sauna before HOT is crucial to have the best results possible.