If you have chronic pain, a breathing disorder, or any other type of medical condition that requires regular treatment, you may have considered whether or not a visit to a naturopath could help you. Many individuals are uncertain about the key differences between naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine, which can make it difficult to determine which might be best suited for your needs. Here at Integrative Natural Medical Clinic (INMC), we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of comprehensive naturopathic treatments in Pasadena and in today’s post, we’ll review three key differences between naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine. Let’s get started.

Naturopathic Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine

The Doctor-Patient Relationship

Many individuals prefer naturopathic medicine over conventional medicine because of the personalized approach that naturopathic doctors (NDs) take in their treatment. Unlike traditional doctors who rush you in and out, NDs spend a significant amount of time with each patient. They take the time to fully understand your concerns, explain treatment options, and develop a personalized course of treatment. The result is a doctor-patient relationship that is a partnership to help you achieve optimum wellness.

The Treatment Philosophy

All too often, conventional medical doctors look to prescribe medications that treat the symptoms of a condition rather than looking deeper to determine the root cause of the condition. This is not to say that this philosophy is flawed, however, it does not take a person’s overall health and wellness into account. A naturopathic doctor takes a different approach that focuses on determining and treating the actual cause of a condition. The result is a course of treatment that is designed to eliminate the troublesome condition rather than mask it.

The Treatment Approach

In addition to offering a unique doctor-patient relationship and treatment philosophy, a naturopathic doctor’s approach to treatment is also different from a conventional doctor’s. Rather than relying on medication to treat a patient, NDs will often use natural therapies that have been deemed safe and effective. These treatments often encourage the body’s own healing process in order to restore health and wellness. You’ll find this approach is the center of the treatments we offer here at INMC.

Is Naturopathic Medicine Right for You?

Are you curious about the types of naturopathic treatments that we provide here at INMC? If conventional medicine doesn’t seem to be a good fit for you, then you may find that you prefer being treated by a naturopathic doctor like Dr. Amaliya Santiago. Dr. Santiago is dedicated to becoming your partner in your health and wellness journey and she is passionate about combining traditional methodologies of Western medicine with holistic, naturopathic protocols to help you feel your best. Contact our naturopathic clinic in Pasadena to learn more or book your appointment online now — we look forward to working with you!